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Concrete Repair

Other Divisions

ENE Concrete Repair

ENE Construcción offers complete diagnostic, treatment services for concrete and steel pathologies including any others material faults.

  • Fissures (Cracks in the concrete), effects of carbonation and other aggressions or degradations.
  • Corrosion of the steel reinforcements, concrete and masonry repair and passivation. Seals, and all types of resin injection.
  • Other pathologies.

Our technical department carry out in-depth studies to identify the reasons and causes of building material failures. The best available treatments in each specific case is then recommended for the security of the structure, safety and for the continued durability.

  • Study and analytical report of the current state with definition of objectives.
  • Proposal of suitable technical solution. Definition of systems and products.
  • Recalculation of structural capacity if required.
  • Economic valuation.
  • Requirements and deadlines. Analysis of necessary auxiliary works.
  • Quality Control, monitoring and compliance of execution.
  • Maintenance recommendations. Warranty inspections.

The same process can be carried out for all elements and construction materials; stone or ceramic factories, waterproofing, etc.